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"When I became pregnant with my third and final child, I knew that I wanted to hire a photog to capture maternity, postpartum and newborn photos. I had not done a professional shoot with my previous two kids and had always wished that I did. I spent the first half of my pregnancy browsing photographers in the Treasure Valley and was instantly captivated by Kylie's work upon seeing her photos. She had this moody, free-flowing lifestyle look that felt authentic and timeless. I instantly reached out and found that she was absolutely as free and authentic as her pictures were. She is so down to earth and genuine and makes you feel so comfortable and confident while she is capturing you. She excells at harnessing the energy of children and manages to pick out beautiful moments with even the most wild and restless little boys. We have used Kylie for maternity, postpartum, NB and family photos since discovering this gem of a human over a year ago and will continue to use her to document the growth of our now complete family. 10/10, would highly recommend."

- Taylor W 

"You guys! If you are even for a second questioning if you should book with Kylie let me be the one to shout if from the roof tops, BOOK WITH HER! You will not regret meeting this angel of a human. Not only is she the best person with a heart of gold she is the best photographer. She has been capturing our family for three years now. I don’t know how she does it but our family is WILD and she is able to capture every moment so perfectly. Her work is beautiful! I can’t tell you how many compliments we get on the photos she has taken of our family. Not only has she been there for all of the good but she’s also been there to capture really heart wrenching moments for our family. She becomes more than a photographer, she becomes a friend and someone who is always in your corner cheering you on. I will never ever be able to recommend a photographer more." 

- Danielle H

"I’m not the type to leave reviews randomly, however I will consistently shout loudly about the creators, artists, and beyond talented people as much as I can. Kylie is all of the above and deserves every bit of praise, acknowledgment and recognition for her incredible photography skills. She has captured both births of our children, been there for in home newborns and hyped me up for outdoor boudoirs. She is magic behind the lens and at the computer. Her ability to find the perfect location for whatever session you are having amazes me every time. I think a lot of us with “wild Childs” tend to freak out about family photos, and I can honestly say every time she is able to get awesome shots and really show our family at that time, and I think we’re going on a dozen shoots now. If you get the opportunity to get on her books, jump at it, you will be forever glad you did!!" 

- Emily H 

"Where to begin?! Kylie is everything you could want a photographer to be. She’s professional but fun, a cheerleader but not in an annoying way, and gives direction but not the kind where you end up with awkward posed photos.

She is just simply the best. 

I knew from the moment I watched her photograph someone else that I HAD to book her. I had the unique privilege to have her as my birth photographer (she doesn’t do many of those!) and cannot say enough about how she captured that day. The photos are stunning, but even more so, the energy she brought into my birth space was something not just anyone can do.  

Kylie also shot my maternity, newborn, and various other creative/family shoots and every time I’m just stunned by what she delivers.

Don’t miss out on her magic, get on her books now!!"

- Haley K 

"We’ve been getting our annual family pictures done by Kylie for the last 3 years, and every year, I cannot get over how amazing the pictures are!! 

Kylie is able to make our 6 year old feel so comfortable that his pictures come out so natural and not overly posed. I can hear his laugh in them, I can see his personality, and they are always my favorite pictures. 

I feel so giddy and so lucky when I see our family pictures because I’m not focused on what I look like or if I wish I smiled differently, I’m focused on how my face lights up when my husband holds my hand, or how my husband laughs at something our son says, or seeing how my husband and I look at each other. 

The experience of just taking the pictures is always so fun! Kylie picks the most amazing places to have our pictures taken, and is always down for any suggestion and uses her knowledge to really get the best pictures. 

These are true and real moments forever on film by someone with the eyes and heart to know exactly how to capture them!" 

 - Amanda G

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